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Afrikaans name: Hondeklipbaai

The Dog Stone

The boulder that gives Hondeklipbaai its name

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Northern Cape

The small coastal village of Hondeklipbaai gets its name from a boulder that is roughly in the shape of a dog. When translated from Afrikaans you get "Dog Stone Bay".

Hondeklipbaai is located on the northern stretch of the South African west coast and is 95 km west of Springbok.

The harbour at the village was initially used for the exporting of copper ore from mines in the vicinity of Springbok but this business was later moved to Port Nolloth. Today it serves a small fishing industry as well as diamond-mining that takes place in the region.

It is also a bit of a tourist destination with two ship-wrecks in the area and not forgetting its "famous" boulder. These are the Aristea and the Jahleel.

The Aristea

The wreck of the Aristea

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Hondeklipbaai buildings

Some of the buildings in this tiny village

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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