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Malelane Gate, Kruger National Park

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As you approach Malelane Gate you cross the Crocodile River

The Malelane Gate entrance to Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Malelane Gate is located at the south-western portion of the Kruger National Park.

It is a few kilometres from the town of Malelane.

As you approach the gate you cross the bridge over the Crocodile River. It is a great place to get out the car and look for game such as Buffalo, Nile Crocodiles and Hippos. Numerous species of birds may also be seen.

There are a number of accommodation options just outside the park and many people use this gate on their day drives in the park.

The camp of Malelane is also located nearby and guests staying there need to check in at the gate itself.

From Malelane Gate you have a number of choices where to go. Follow the tar road to Skukuza Camp, go to Berg-en-dal Camp or take the dirt road to the east and head in the direction of Crocodile Bridge Camp.

Game viewing in this area can be hit and miss. Lion and Leopard are seen fairly regularly, and you are sure to see Elephant and Buffalo.

Impala Lilies at Malelane Gate

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above and below - When one arrives at one of the entrance gates to Kruger National Park one can be forgiven for wanting to hurry to do the necessary formalities and get into the park. If one spares a few minutes you can find some interesting plants, birds and insects in the gardens at the gates. The National Parks Board are very good at maintaining the gardens in the camps and at the entrance gates. Malelane Gate is no exception. The gardens are not extensive but have some interesting indigenous plants such as Impala Lily (above) and Euphorbias (below).

Euphorbias at Malelane Gate

Photo © Steven Herbert

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