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Japanese Gardens, Durban North

Afrikaans name: Durban Japanese Tuine

The dam in the middle of Durban Japanese Gardens

Durban Japanese Gardens - a popular picnic spot

Photo © Steven Herbert


Somehow any Japanese Garden has instant appeal and the Durban Japanese Gardens, in Durban North, are no different. You know that it will be tranquil, beautiful and littered with Japanese structures. Durban residents make use of these gardens for two main activities: a peaceful stroll through the gardens or a family get together.

The gardens are open 7 days a week, but they are particularly busy on the weekend. You are sure to find children’s birthday parties on the go as well as family picnics. If you are planning to visit the gardens to have a "braai" please note that you must use a gas braai. This makes sense as you don’t want the gardens shrouded with smoke.

Some of us enjoy the gardens for their tranquility and it is great to stroll around the gardens to see the beautiful plants, water features and decorations. There is plenty of bird life in the gardens and bird photographers should be able to get some great photos.

Directions to the Durban Japanese Gardens

The address of the gardens is 6 Prospect Hall Road, Durban North. To get there head north on the M4 from the city centre. Take the turnoff to Broadway/Swapo Road and go left for a very short distance and then turn left into Old Mill Way. Turn left into Prospect Hall Road and continue until you reach the gardens on your left. There is plenty of parking near the entrance. Entry to the gardens is free.

Japanese themed display

Photo © Steven Herbert

Reed Cormorant

Photo © Steven Herbert

The Japanese Gardens in Durban is a relaxing place to do a bit of bird-watching. The water features attract some waterbirds and a variety of others may be found throughout the gardens. Above is a Reed Cormorant and below a Spectacled Weaver.

Spectacled Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

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