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Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Afrikaans name: Groenkloof Natuur-reservaat

Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Groenkloof Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert


Groenkloof Nature Reserve was declared as a "game sanctuary" by President Kruger in 1895 which made it the first on the African continent. The reserve was taken over by the City of Pretoria in the 1950's and subsequently by Department of Nature Conservation. In the last 20 years a number of species have been re-introdued.

Today Groenkloof Nature Reserve is popular with hikers, 4x4 enthusiasts as well as offering picnic sites.

The 14 km 4x4 trail is popular and is the only way to drive through the reserve.

There are three hiking trails through the reserve ranging from 3.5 km to 10.5 km. The reserve also offers a number of other activities such as night drives, horse riding and mountain biking.

Groenkloof Nature Reserve is home to a variety of mammals including Sable, Giraffe, Zebra, Blesbok, Red Hartebeest and Blue Wildebeest.

The reserve is also popular amongst birders.

Start of the 4x4 trail

Above - Start of the Groenkloof Nature Reserve 4x4 trail

Photo © Steven Herbert

Parking and picnic area

Above - Picnic and parking area

Photo © Steven Herbert

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