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Afrikaans name: Prieska

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Northern Cape

The name Prieska comes from the Korana term "place of the lost she-goat". The original spelling of the name was “Prieschap.” Prieska was founded in 1882. It is a smallish town with a population of around 15,000 people.

Visitors to the town can visit the Prieska Museum which is located on the Main Street. There is a British fort, on a nearby hill, dating back to the Anglo-Boer war. On the hillside below is the Ria Huysamen Aloe Garden featuring around 70 species and varieties of aloe.

Although Prieska is situated on the banks of the Orange River it is located in a hot and arid region.

The small town of Copperton is located near Prieska. The town was the site of one of the richest copper mines in the world. Sadly, the mine shut down in 1991 and most of the buildings have been demolished. For many years the Koegas mine mined blue asbestos, otherwise known as crocidolite. This mine was shut down due to concerns over the health of the workers.

There are quite a lot of crops grown near the Orange River and some sheep farming.

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