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Afrikaans name: Noenieput

Noenieput is a tiny village, in the Northern Cape, that used to be one of the border posts between South Africa and Namibia. To the best of this author’s knowledge this border post no longer operates. One should consider using the Nakop border post instead.

Noenieput is actually located around 10 km away from the Namibian Border. It is near the normally dry riverbed of the Molopo River.

The surrounding area is very arid. North of Noenieput is a number of salt pans of which the biggest are Hakskeen Pan and Koppieskraal Pan. The area is barren and very sparsely populated and one should travel with sufficient fuel, water, and food. The nearest town of any size is Andriesvale.

The habitat type in this area is known as Nama-Karoo but the village is close to being in full Desert terrain. Summer temperatures are often over 35 degrees Celsius.

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