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Richtersveld National Park

Afrikaans name: Richtersveld Nasionale Park

Richtersveld National Park

Photo © Dianne Christie -

Northern Cape

The Richtersveld National Park is situated alongside the Orange River which separates it from Namibia.

One of the attractions of this remote place is the desolation. At first glance it appears barren and lifeless but there is a surprising amount of creatures and plants that can be found here. Amongst the mammals which be found are Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, Caracal, Leopard, Grey Rhebok, Steenbok, Chacma Baboon and Vervet Monkey.

The vegetation is of particular interest and one can find the weird 'half-mens' plant in the reserve.

There are a number of camping sites and some chalets in the reserve.



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