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Afrikaans name: Groblershoop

The Orange River with Groblershoop in the background

The Orange River with Groblershoop in the background

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Groblershoop is a small village situated near the Orange River in the Northern Cape. It owes much of its existence to the construction of the Boegoeberg Dam, on the Orange River, which was completed in 1929. The dam is sometimes referred to by its English name of Buchuberg Dam. Both of these names make reference to the "Buchu" plant (Agathosma betulina) that grows on the hillsides in the area.

The settlement was originally known as Sternham, but was changed to Groblershoop in 1939. It was named after a former Minister of Land Affairs Piet Grobler.

The area around Groblershoop is known for its export quality table grapes and sultanas. Wine is also produced. The local crops are watered from a massive irrigation scheme with water being supplied from the dam.

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