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Vaal River

Afrikaans name: Vaalrivier

Vaal River as it flows past Villiers

Photo © Steven Herbert


The Vaal River is one of the major rivers in South Africa. Amazingly it begins its journey in the east of South Africa near Ermelo, and flows towards the west where it evantually joins the Orange River.

The length of the Vaal River is 1,120 km. The river flows through or separates a number of provinces - Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West Province, Free State and Northern Cape.

Water from this river is used to supply the greater Johannesburg area. The river also supplies water for a number of irrigation schemes.

The indigenous Kora Khoikhoi people had referred to the river as Tky-gariep which means drab river. Vaal is the Afrikaans word for drab or dull.

Vaal River near Ermelo

Photo © Steven Herbert



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