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Ndumo Game Reserve

Afrikaans name:

Ndumo Game Reserve

Photo © Pete Swanepoel


Ndumo Game Reserve is situated on the border between Mozambique and South Africa in an area known as Maputaland. It is not far from the Tembe Elephant Park.

The reserve is just over 10,000 hectares in size. There is a variety of habitats in the reserve including sand forest, acacia savannah, vleis and pans.

Besides a few huts and some campsites there are no real facilities in the reserve so visitors should take all their food, drinks and other supplies with them.

Ndumo's claim to fame is its extensive list of birds that have been recorded in the reserve. This is quite possibly the best birdwatching site in South Africa.

Besides the birds there is plenty else to see including crocodiles, hippo, buffalo, black rhino, white rhino, suni, giraffe, bushbuck, nyala and more.

Ndumo Game Reserve is situated in a malaria area so suitable preventative measures should be taken. Bilharzia is also present in the rivers and wetlands in the reserve.

Ndumo camp site

Above - Ndumo Game Reserve camping area

Photo © Pete Swanepoel



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