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Afrikaans name: Carnarvon

Carnarvon - corbelled house

Corbelled House near Carnarvon

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Carnarvon is situated in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape province. It is surrounded by the low Karoo Hills.

The town has a chequered history and was originally known as Harmsfontein but it was renamed by the British to honour Lord Carnarvon who was the British Colonial Secretary.

Carnarvon has a lot of old houses and one can do the 'Historic Houses Trail'. The Carnarvon Museum is worth a visit. The museum houses and old Chevrolet hearse that dates back to 1929. One can also visit the Carnarvon Nature Reserve.

The main farming activity in the region is the rearing of merino sheep. Despite the area being quite arid there is some areas where wheat is grown.

What is there to do in and around Carnarvon?

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