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Afrikaans name: Loxton

Loxton area

Loxton area

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Northern Cape

The area around the Karoo town of Loxton is very scenic, in particular the road between Loxton and Beaufort West. The town has experienced mixed fortunes over the years but has become a haven for artists in recent times. Loxton got its name from a Mr. A.E. Loxton who owned the original farm on which the town was established.

The town was established in 1900 when a school and a church were built. These were to service the sheep farmers in the area. Sheep and garlic farming are still very important today.

Loxton has a reputation for being one of the most tranquil villages in the Karoo (and there are many such villages in the Karoo). You can't really end up in the town by accident as it is off the beaten track and doesn't see much through traffic.



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