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Banded Mongoose

Afrikaans name: Gebande Muishond

Banded Mongoose sunning itself

Photo © Steven Herbert

Mungos mungo

Interesting facts about Genets

The Banded Mongoose is a fairly common mongoose in suitable habitat up the east coast of South Africa.

When you see one Banded Mongoose you likely to see lots more. Typically they are found in clans of 20 or more. Most mongooses are found singly or in pairs, but not these little guys.

These animals feed on a wide variety of foods including insects, small reptiles and birds, eggs and many other things. They are quite fond of scavenging in rubbish bins when an opportunity arises.

Quite often a group of Banded Mongooses will make a burrow in a termite mound.

Females give birth to 2 to 6 youngsters and the pups are guarded in the den by 'babysitters'. Multiple females in the group give birth to their babies on the same day.



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