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Yellow Mongoose

Afrikaans name: Witkwasmuishond

Yellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose on the lookout for danger

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cynictus penicillata

Find out about the Yellow Mongoose

Yellow Mongooses are only found in southern Africa. They prefer areas of grassland or scrubland.

They are mainly active during the day. They spend most of their day foraging for food items such as small reptiles, birds' eggs and insects. They can often be seen listening to something under the surface and then hurriedly digging it out.

The Yellow Mongoose is normally seen by itself but they do live in colonies of up to 20 individuals. Their home is a permanent burrow and they do not object to sharing their living quarters with other species.

Mating occurs during late winter and early spring and the young are born in summer. Normally the female has two babies.

Yellow Mongoose

Above - Note the lighter tip to the tail

Photo © Steven Herbert



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