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Blue Duiker

Afrikaans name: Blouduiker

A Blue Duiker at Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Philantomba monticola

Interesting facts about Blue Duiker

The Blue Duiker is a really small antelope standing only 35 cm tall at the shoulder (while a Blue Wildebeest can be 145 cm). They only weigh around 4 kg so it isn't going to be much of a meal for a Lion, but for a Crowned Eagle they are just right!

The Blue Duiker mainly eats leaves, flowers and fruit but, surprisingly, they will also eat insects and eggs.

The main habitat for the Blue Duiker is forest, particularly coastal forest. They are territorial and will defend their small territory. The Blue Duiker is very shy and will give a sharp whistle to warn others of an intruder as they bolt through the thick undergrowth.

Females produce one offspring each year.



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