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Afrikaans name: Rietbok

A Reedbuck in long grass

Photo © Steven Herbert

Redunca arundinum

Interesting facts about Reedbuck

Reedbuck just seem to be one of those animals that I can never get a good view of, so that's why the photo is not great!

The Reedbuck is often referred to as the Common or Southern Reedbuck. The name Reedbuck is quite apt as it favours flat marshy areas with long grass or reeds. Despite living in close proximity to water they do not readily enter the water.

It can reach a height of 90 cm at the shoulder and males can weigh nearly 70 kg. Females weigh around 50 kg.

Only males have horns. These curve forward and can reach a length of around 40 cm.

The main food of the Reedbuck is grass but they will also eat reeds and other plants. They are very reliant on water.



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