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Japanese Gardens, Queensburgh

Queensburgh Japanese Gardens

Function area and offices at the Queensburgh Japanese Gardens

Photo © Steven Herbert

The Japanese Gardens in Durban are very well known and a popular picnic spot, but the Japenese Gardens in Queensburgh are also a good choice for family gatherings. There is plenty of place for the kids to run around. With all the development taking place in our cities it is nice to know that there is a green space where one can go and relax or take a casual stroll. If you are looking for a location where you can hold your next function then these gardens have a facility that can be hired.

Although there are not many 'Japanese' related features the gardens do have beautiful lawns and a few ponds.

The Queensburgh Japanese Gardens are a good place to go birding although you are only likely to see some of the more common species that are found in Durban. You could see Fork-tailed Drongo, Dark-capped Bulbul, Kurrichane Thrush, Cape Wagtail, Village Weaver, Bronze Mannikin, Common Myna, Red-capped Robin-Chat and more. It is not uncommon to see a Grey Heron catching fish at the bigger pond, which happens to be filled with guppies.

The Queensburgh Japanese Gardens are also referred to as the Sarnia Japanese Gardens.

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Zulu pots at Dukuza Museum

Above - There is plenty of space to have a picnic

Photo © Steven Herbert

Japanese Gardens

Above - Rock feature

Photo © Steven Herbert

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