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Afrikaans name: Basterhartbees


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Damaliscus lunatus

Interesting facts about Tsessebe

In South Africa we call this antelope the Tsessebe but in some places it is called the Sassaby or Common Tsessebe.

Nowadays Tsessebe are only found in southern Africa but historically they were in East Africa as well.

An adult male can weigh over 130 kg's. Females are a bit smaller. Both sexes have horns although the male's horns are slightly longer. The length of a males horns plays a role in attracting females and in defense of his territory.

Females form herds with their young while the males are typically found in bachelor herds. Territorial males establish territories.

Tsessebe are normally found in grasslands and savanna. They are one of the less common of the antelopes and their numbers seem to be declining.



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