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The Orchards

Afrikaans name: Rosslyn

Busy shopping centre

The Orchards

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The Orchards is a quiet residential area that forms part of Akasia. It is located at the junction of the N4 and R80 highways, north-west of Pretoria. It was declared a municipality in 1984 and it falls within the Tshwane Metro area. Rosslyn is a large industrial area nearby which provides jobs for many of the residents. The BMW production plant is one of the main factories in Rosslyn.

The Orchards was the first development in the greater Akasia. A residential area was established there in 1904. Over recent years there has been a lot of housing development in the area, particularly of affordable housing. Consequently, there are a lot of houses for sale in the area.

The Orchards area was mainly used for agricultural purposes before housing development took off. Today there is still a lot of farming taking place from the Orchards and Akasia in particular.

The Dutch Reformed Church is an impressive landmark in the area. It was the centre point of the original suburb and houses were built around it. The Orchards is serviced by numerous shops and, in particular, a large mall in Akasia. There are a number of restaurants in the area but not a lot of other night-time entertainment options.

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Church in The Orchards

Above - Dutch Reformed Church in The Orchards

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