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Cream-striped Owl

Afrikaans name: Uilmot

Cream Striped Owl

Cream-striped Owl moth

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cyligramma latona

The Cream-striped Owl is a large species of moth with a wingspan of around 7.5 cm.

Both pairs of wings show the cream stripe and each fore-wing has the large eye-spot. The eye markings are a form of defensive camouflage as potential predators see the eyes and can be tricked into believing that they are dealing with a large species of bird (an owl perhaps) and ignore it.

The Cream-striped Owl is attracted to light and these large insects are commonly found inside homes at night. They are also attracted by the smell of over-ripened fruit and even alchohol.

In South Africa they occur in the southern and eastern regions of the country.



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