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Afrikaans name: Middleton

Approaching Middleton

Approaching Middleton from the south

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Although a mission station had been set up in 1850, the small hamlet of Middleton was really established in 1879 as a stopping point for the train service. Consequently, one of the first buildings built was the station. It still exists but is used as a pub today.

Middleton consists of a handful of buildings including the police station, pub, post office and a few other buildings.

There is not a lot to do here but there is a petting zoo at the pub and a farm stall worth visiting. There is a camping ground and some B&B accommodation available.

Middleton is situated on the banks of the Fish River and the nearest town is Cookhouse which is 30 km to the north.

Old hotel, Middleton

Above - Old hotel in Middleton

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Wild flowers near Middleton

Above - Wild flowers near Middleton

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Old Anglican church, Middleton

Above - Old Anglican church built in 1903

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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