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Egyptian Goose

Afrikaans name: Kolgans

Egyptian Goose

Photo © Steven Herbert

Alopochen aegyptiacus

The Egyptian Goose was a sacred bird to the ancient Egyptians. They are found in the Nile River Valley and in sub-Saharan Africa.

This 'goose' is actually a Shelduck.

It is an extremely common bird in many areas around South Africa. They adapt well to living near humans.

The Egyptian Goose is often found on land although they are good swimmers. They may be seen in trees or on buildings.

The pair nest in trees or in vegetation and the nest can be away from the water. They make excellent parents and defend their youngsters aggressively.

Egyptian Geese pair for life. The plumage of the male and female is identical. Males are slightly larger than females.

They mainly feed on vegetable material including farm crops. In some areas it is considered a pest and is hunted. Apart from vegetable material they also eat insects and worms.

Egyptian Goose chick - cute!

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Something cute - an Egyptian Goose gosling

Below - Something not so cute - a juvenile Egyptian Goose sprawled out on a lawn.

Fledgeling Egyptian Goose - not a pretty site!

Photo © Steven Herbert



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