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Nsemani Dam, Kruger National Park

Afrikaans name: Nsemani Dam

Nsemani Dam

Nsemani Dam as seen from the H7 tar road

Photo © Steven Herbert


Nsemani Dam is 9 km from Satara Camp on the H7 tar road that heads towards Orpen Gate. One can get great views over the dam from the tar road. The H7 is quite a busy road and you can always tell if something exciting is at the dam by the number of cars stopped near it.

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The dam is normally occupied by a few Hippo but is also used by many other mammals such as Lion, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Elephant and Impala. It is also worthwhile checking out the birdlife as it attracts a number of species of waterbirds.

The bush around the dam is quite thick and predators such as Leopard are seen quite regularly. It is worthwhile driving the triangular route around the dam. This includes travelling 5 km on the S12 then turning right on to the S40 and driving another 5 km back to the tar road.

A Hippo at Nsemani

A Hippo rests in the shallows

Photo © Steven Herbert

What have you seen at Nsemani Dam?

Hippo and calf

Hippo and her calf seen on a night drive

Photo © Steven Herbert

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