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Gariep Dam town

Afrikaans name: Gariepdam dorp

View over Gariep Dam Town

Gariep Dam Town

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Many people are familiar with the massive Gariep Dam but are not so familiar with the town of the same name, also referred to as Gariep Dam Town or Gariepdam Town. While staying in the area it is worthwhile paying Gariep Dam Nature Reserve a visit.

The origins of the town are in the 1960's when the area was used as temporary accommodation for the thousands of workers who worked on building the dam wall. Once the wall was completed in 1969 some residents stayed behind. The town was originally named after Verwoerd but in 1996 it was changed to Gariep Dam.

The town has grown over the years and now not only caters for the tourist industry but is the hub for agriculture and other commercial activities in the area.

The town is well-known by those who enjoy the sport of gliding and a world record was set here for the furthest distance travelled by a glider. There is a small airport near town.

There are many accommodation options in the area including guest houses, BnB's, a hotel and more.


Hotel in Gariep Dam Town

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Is there much to do in and around Gariep Dam town?

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