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Speckled Mousebird

Afrikaans name: Gevlekte muisvoël

Speckled Mousebird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Colius striatus

The Speckled Mousebird is common in South Africa as well as many other parts of Africa.

The tail of the mousebird makes up for more than half of its 35 cm length. Male and female both have the same brown and buffy plumage.

The Speckled Mousebird is found in a variety of habitats including gardens (particularly those with fruit trees!). Their main foods eaten are fruit, berries, nectar and seeds.

Like other species of Mousebirds these normally are seen in flocks. They can be seen flying from bush to bush one bird at a time in a sort of "follow my leader" fashion.

Both male and female make the cup-shaped nest in a suitable bush or tree. Around 3 or 4 eggs are laid. Both sexes feed the chicks.



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