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Afrikaans name: Tonteldoos



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The village of Tonteldoos is situated near the town of Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. It was established in 1883 by Dutch settlers.

It gets its name from the Dutch word for "tinderbox" but the connection of the tinderbox to the town is not known for sure but the most widely believed story is that a land surveyor lost his tinderbox in the area.

What is a tinderbox you ask? Well, before matches became commonly available, a tinderbox was used to keep all the elements that you might need to make a fire. Typically, it contained a flint and fire striker as well as kindling to get the fire started.

The town has a few accommodation places and visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. The Tonteldoos valley is known for the rare and threatened species of plants that are found there. Two examples of these are Aloe reitzii and Eucomis montana.

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Countryside near Tonteldoos

Photo © Mickey Herd

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