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Little Swift

Afrikaans name: Kleinwindswael

Little Swift

Little Swift

Photo © Steven Herbert

Apus affinis

The Little Swift is very common in South Africa and may be seen virtually anywhere. During summer large flocks can be seen near suitable breeding sites.

Little Swifts, like most swifts, are on the wing virtually all year round. Only when they are breeding will they take a break. They mainly feed on insects which are caught in flight.

The Little Swift has a square tail and a large patch of white on their rumps.

They nest in colonies on cliffs and on man-made structures such as bridges, culverts or under roofs. The nest is made of grass and feathers which are stuck together with saliva. Up to 3 eggs are laid and both parents care for them.

Nest under a roof

They often build their nests under man-made structures such as roofs and bridges

Photo © Steven Herbert



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