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Red-eyed Dove

Afrikaans name: Grootringduif

Red-eyed Doves are frequent visitors to gardens

Photo © Steven Herbert

Streptopelia semitorquata

The Red-eyed Dove is larger and has more colour than the similar Cape Turtle Dove. In most of the country the Cape Turtle Dove is the most common of these two doves but in some areas, like Durban, the Red-eyed Dove is more common.

They inhabit a wide variety of habitats but aren't found in deserts. They can be quite common in suburban gardens.

The Red-eyed Dovie mainly eats seeds and is a common sight around bird feeders in some areas. They will sometimes eat insects such as flying ants.

Male and female have a similar colouration. Juveniles are duller.

The Red-eyed Dove builds a rather clumsy looking nest out of twigs. The nest is made in a tree and two eggs are the normal clutch.



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