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Spotted Thick-knee / Spotted Dikkop

Afrikaans name: Gewone dikkop

Spotted Thick-knee

Above - Spotted Thick-knee

Photo © Steven Herbert

Burhinus capensis

The Spotted Thick-knee is found over much of South Africa in suitable habitats. It prefers areas of grassland, or savanna, but is also not uncommon in some urban areas.

They feed on a wide variety of insects, spiders, worms and other creatures they find as they forage on the ground.

Spotted Thick-knees create a shallow nest on the ground. It is normally lined with a few leaves and twigs. Up to 3 eggs are laid and are tended to by both sexes. The eggs are mottled brown which makes them difficult to spot. Both parents feed the young.

Spotted Dikkop

Above - Spotted Thick-knee moving away from its resting place after being disturbed

Photo © Steven Herbert



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