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Crowned Lapwing

Afrikaans name: Kroonkiewiet

Crowned Lapwing, or Plover, preening at Tala Game Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Vanellus coronatus

The Crowned Lapwing is also known as the Crowned Plover. This is a very common bird which is found across virtually the whole of South Africa. It is also widespread across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

This Lapwing can be found in drier grasslands and in most other places with sparse vegetation. It can often be seen in areas of short-grass on roadside verges. They make their presence known as they call regularly and chase íntruders' off their territory.

Male and female are similar in looks. They grow to a length of about 30 cm.

Crowned Lapwings mainly feed on insects from termites through to grasshoppers.

A simple nest is made on the ground. It may be surrounded by pebbles or bits of vegetation.



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