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Kelp Gull

Afrikaans name: Kelpmeeu

Adult Kelp Gull

Photo © Steven Herbert

Larus dominicanus

The Kelp Gull is a very widespread species. It is found over most of the Southern Hemisphere. With it being found over such a wide area it is understandable that it is known by a number of names includind Domincan Gull, Southern Black-backed Gull and Karoro. Some experts believe that the subspecies of Kelp Gull found in South Africa should be separated to a full species and called the Cape Gull.

These birds are scavengers and can be seen at rubbish dumps in some areas. Kelp Gulls also rob food from other birds such as African Penguins and Cape Gannets. They do also eat fresh food such as shellfish.

Kelp Gulls make their nest on beaches or islands. Two or three eggs are laid and are tended to by both parents.



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