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Greater Kestrel

Afrikaans name: Grootrooivalk

Greater Kestrel

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Falco rupicoloides

The Greater Kestrel occurs over much of the interior and western regions of South Africa. Beyond our borders it is found along the south-west coast of Africa and in East Africa. In some parts it is known as the White-eyed Kestrel.

The main prey item of the Greater Kestrel is insects but it will also take small reptiles, birds and rodents. It either hunts from a perch or by hovering in the air.

The pair don't normally make their own nest but rather choose to re-use the nest of other raptors or crows. Quite often nests in man-made structures such as pylons are chosen.

The female can lay up to 7 eggs and she incubates them for a month or so. Once the chicks have hatched then both adults hunt for prey for the chicks. The chicks will remain with the parents for around a year.



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