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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Lanner Falcon

Afrikaans name: Edelvalk

Lanner Falcon in flight

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Falco biarmicus

The Lanner Falcon is a common bird across South Africa. Although it may be found virtually anywhere it is most common over the eastern coastal regions of South Africa. Beyond our borders it occurs all the way to parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Birds make up the majority of the Lanner Falcons diet. It is particularly fond of doves, pigeons and chickens. Besides birds it will also take smaller mammals and reptiles and even insects. They will attack their prey either from a high perch or while in flight.

Lanners are often seen in pairs and the pair has a long-term relationship with eachother.

They make their nest on a cliff or building or they will use and old nest abandoned by some other birds. The female lays up to 5 eggs.


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