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Reed Cormorant

Afrikaans name: Rietduiker

Reed Cormorant sunning itself at Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert

Microcarbo africanus

The Reed Cormorant is a common sight around freshwater dams around South Africa. It may also be found along the coast in some areas. Besides being found in South Africa it occurs over much of sub-Saharan Africa as well as Madagascar.

This cormorant feeds mainly on fish which it catches by diving under the water and chasing them. It can stay submerged for a substantial time (around 40 seconds). Normally it will bring its prey to the surface before swallowing it head first. It will also eat frogs and other aquatic life.

The Reed Cormorant can often be seen sitting on a stump or other low perch drying its plumage.

They make a nest in a tree or on the ground, amongst cover, and up to 4 eggs are laid.



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