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Grey Heron

Afrikaans name: Bloureier

Grey Heron

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ardea cinerea

The Grey Heron is a large heron that is up to 1 metre tall. It weighs between 1 and 2 kg's.

It is a common bird that can be found over most of South Africa in suitable habitat.

Unlike the Black-headed Heron the Grey Heron is normally associated with water habitats. It is found around dams, ponds, estuaries  and other slow-moving bodies of water.

It breeds communally along with other herons, egrets, ibises and cormorants.

The Grey Heron feeds on fish, amphibians and insects.

Grey Herons are similar in looks to Black-headed Herons. The Grey Heron is white and not black on the sides of the head. The neck is a pale grey unlike the two-tone colour of the Black-headed Heron. In flight the underwing of the Grey Heron is more uniform in colour. Click here for more pictures showing the differences.



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