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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Grey Heron

Afrikaans name: Bloureier

Grey Heron

Grey Heron hunting

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ardea cinerea

The Grey Heron is a large heron that is up to 1 metre tall. It weighs between 1 and 2 kg's.

It is a common bird that can be found over most of South Africa in suitable habitat.

Unlike the Black-headed Heron the Grey Heron is normally associated with water habitats. It is found around dams, ponds, estuaries  and other slow-moving bodies of water.

It breeds communally along with other herons, egrets, ibises and cormorants.

The Grey Heron feeds on fish, amphibians and insects.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Photo © Steven Herbert

Grey Herons are similar in looks to Black-headed Herons. The Grey Heron is white and not black on the sides of the head. The neck is a pale grey unlike the two-tone colour of the Black-headed Heron. In flight the underwing of the Grey Heron is more uniform in colour. Click here for more pictures showing the differences.


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