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Black-headed Heron

Afrikaans name: Swartkopreier

Black-headed Heron

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ardea melanocephala

The Black-headed Heron is normally seen hunting its prey in grasslands while the similar looking Grey Heron is normally seen at the waters edge.

This heron is about 90 cm in height. Its wingspan is around 1.5 metres. It weighs around 1.5 kg.

Although it does feed on fish and frogs, caught in water, it most often eats insects, birds and small mammals. It is very patient when hunting and will stand still for long periods of time.

Black-headed Herons nest in colonies in trees or cliffs where it builds a nest out of sticks. It will often nest in the company of other herons and cormorants. 2 to 4 eggs are laid.

The Black-headed Heron is found across the whole of South Africa.

Grey Herons are similar in looks to Black-headed Herons. The Grey Heron is white and not black on the sides of the head. The neck is a pale grey unlike the two-tone colour of the Black-headed Heron. In flight the underwing of the Grey Heron is more uniform in colour.

See below for pictures showing the differences.

Grey Heron

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Grey Heron

Below - Black-headed Heron

Black-headed Heron

Photo © Steven Herbert



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