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Black-headed Oriole

Afrikaans name: Swartkopwielewaal

Black-headed Oriole at Berg-en-Dal in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Oriolus larvatus

The Black-headed Oriole is a beautiful bird and it has a melodic call which often gives its presence away. It is not a shy bird and can be seen calling from high up in a tree. Male and female have the same colouration.

This bird may be found from South Africa through to Sudan and Ethiopia. In South Africa they are mainly found in the eastern half of the country.

The Black-headed Oriole eats fruit and insects. They prefer woodland areas including parks and gardens, as long as there are tall trees in the area.

The pair make their nest high up in a tree. It is constructed out of twigs, lichen and cob-webs.

Black-headed Oriole sunning itself in Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve

Photo © Steven Herbert



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