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The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

African Paradise-Flycatcher

Afrikaans name: Paradysvlie√ęvanger

African Paradise-Flycatcher

African Paradise Flycatcher

Photo © Steven Herbert

Terpsiphone viridis

The African Paradise-Flycatcher is a common and well-known bird in many gardens during spring and summer.

It is found over most of the eastern half of the country as well as the coastal region down to Cape Town. It is a breeding summer visitor to South Africa.

The African Paradise-Flycatcher eats insects and little else. It can be seen actively foraging in trees and bushes.

They prefer well-vegetated areas such as gardens, forests and woodlands.

The pair make a neat cup-shaped nest in the fork of small branches. Up to 4 eggs are laid and the eggs and chicks are cared for by both parents.


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