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Southern Boubou

Afrikaans name: Suidelike Waterfiskaal

Southern Boubou (Laniarius ferrugineus)

Photo © Steven Herbert

Laniarius ferrugineus

The Southern Boubou is part of the "shrike" family although nowadays it tends to be regarded as a "bushshrike".

They can often be heard but they are not seen that often, although they are less shy than mose of the other bushshrikes.

Southern Boubou's tend to spend most of their time low-down in thick bush or on the ground (normally near cover). Insects are their main food item but if they can catch them they will also eat small rodents and reptiles. Fruit may be eaten at times.

The female lays two or three eggs in a nest which is predominantly made by her. It is always built in a secure area with lots of surrounding vegetation. Both the male and female tend to the eggs and chicks.

In South Africa the Southern Boubou can be found in most parts of the southern and eastern regions of the country.



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