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Southern White-crowned Shrike

Afrikaans name: Kremetartlaksman

Southern White-crowned Shrike

Southern White-crowned Shrike

Photo © Steven Herbert

Eurocephalus anguitimens

The Southern White-crowned Shrike is almost endemic to southern Africa. It is found in southern Angola which is just outside of the southern African region.

It favours areas with sparse grass and trees. It spends its time sitting on an exposed perch and looking for prey on the ground below.

Insects are virtually the only thing that the Southern White-crowned Shrike eats.

The breeding pair are helped by up to 4 assistants. They all get involved in building the nest which is cup-shaped and built at the base of a branch in a tree. Between 2 and 5 eggs are laid. The female does most of the incubating. All of the group assist in feeding the chicks.



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