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Dark-capped Bulbul

Afrikaans name: Swartoogtiptol

A Dark-capped Bulbul feeding on berries in Kruger National Park

Dark-capped Bulbul

Photo © Steven Herbert

Pycnonotus barbatus

The Dark-capped Bulbul is probably better known by its former name of Black-eyed Bulbul. It is also sometimes called a Common Bulbul.

They are a common sight in gardens, parks and other habitats. It is not found in drier habitats.

Besides their black head, one of their distinguishing features is the yellow patch under the tail, although this is found on other similar bulbuls as well.

Dark-capped Bulbuls love fruit but they also eat nectar and insects. Seeds and spiders are also eaten.

They have a cheerful call and they are often seen in pairs.

The Dark-capped Bulbul makes its nest in dense foliage and will lay 2 to 3 eggs. The Jacobin Cuckoo parasitises them.



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