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African Red-eyed

Afrikaans name: Rooioogtiptol

African Red-eyed Bulbul

African Red-eyed Bulbul

Photo © Steven Herbert

Pycnonotus nigricans

Those living in the eastern half of South Africa will be very familiar with the Dark-capped Bulbul which is also known as the Black-eyed Bulbul. The African Red-eyed Bulbul fills a similar role in the drier western regions of South Africa.

These Bulbuls are common and quite comfortable living near people and are often found in gardens. They have a cheerful call which will be familiar with most people.

They are most commonly found near human habitation or along watercourses.

The African Red-eyed Bulbul reaches a length of around 20 cm. Male and female have the same plumage.

Various items are eaten by these birds. On the menu are things like fruit, nectar, insects and spiders. Seeds are also eaten at times.



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