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Cape Robin-chat

Afrikaans name: Gewone Janfrederik

Cape Robin-chat

Cape Robin-chat

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cossypha caffra

The Cape Robin-chat, previously known as the Cape Robin, is a common and familiar bird over much of South Africa. It is found in most areas apart from the extremely arid regions and the far northern border of the country.

These robins are quite at home in any area that has sufficient cover interspersed with open areas. They can be seen hopping along the ground looking for food but quickly flit back into cover when disturbed.

They take a wide range of prey items ranging from small lizards and frogs to insects. They do also eat fruit on occasion.

Cape Robin-chats are normally seen singly but there is normally a number of them around in suitable habitat.

Although they may nest in winter in some areas they more commonly nest in spring. The female makes a cup-shaped nest low down in vegetation or sometimes in a man-made structure. She lays between 1 and 4 eggs and incubates them herself. The male does assist with feeding the chicks.



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