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Mountain Wheatear / Mountain Chat

Afrikaans name: Bergwagter

Mountain Wheatear

Male Mountain Wheatear

Photo © Steven Herbert

Oenanthe monticola

The Mountain Wheatear, also known as the Mountain Chat, is only found in South Africa and Namibia, although their range extends into south-west Angola.

Their preferred habitat is rocky hillsides with some bushes. They can often be seen perched on rocks in these areas.

They will feed on most insects that they can find as well as spiders and centipedes.

Female Mountain Wheatears are responsible for making the nest. This is an untidy structure which is made from a variety of dry materials. It is normally placed in a crack in the rocks or underneath an overhanging rock. They have also been known to make use of man-made structures like pipes. They have an extended breeding season from around June to March. The female incubates the 2 to 4 eggs while the male protects their territory. Both parents feed the chicks.



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