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Black-bellied Starling

Afrikaans name: Swartpensglansspreeu

Black-bellied Starling

Photo © Steven Herbert

Lamprotornis corruscus

The Black-bellied Starling is one of the five species of "glossy" starling found in South Africa. In the areas that it is found in South Africa the Cape Glossy Starling is the only other species that it could be confused with.

Black-bellied Starlings are most often found in forest and woodland with large trees. Flocks of them can be sitting in the canopy of the tree. They are very vocal which gives away their presence.

They normally occur in pairs during the breeding season and small flocks outside of it.

Black-bellied Starlings are fond of fruit but also eat some flowers and insects.

They breed in spring and early summer. They make their nests in natural holes or in abandoned nest-holes from other species. Between 2 and 4 eggs are laid.



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