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Greater Blue-eared Starling

Afrikaans name: Groot-blouoorglansspreeu

A Greater Blue-eared Starling in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert

Lamprotornis chalybaeus

South Africa is home to a number of species of 'glossy' starling including this one - the Greater Blue-eared Starling. It occurs from the north-eastern regions of South Africa up to Senegal and Ethiopia.

These starlings are quite gregarious and may be found in small flocks. At night they are extremely gregarious and get together in large flocks at favourite roosting sites.

The Greater Blue-eared Starling mainly eats insects but it does like figs as well. Most of the time it can be seen on the ground looking for insects. It may perch on mammals and feed off their ticks.

They make their nests in holes in trees. They don't excavate their own nests so they will re-use a woodpecker or barbet nest or find a natural cavity.



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