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Burchell's Starling

Afrikaans name: Grootglansspreeu

Most often you will see Buchell's Starlings on the ground

Photo © Steven Herbert

Lamprotornis australis

Burchell's Starling is one of the 'glossy' starlings found in South Africa. This is one of the larger species and is also the darkest. It can appear almost black in certain light. It has a black eye.

It is found in many countries in southern Africa.

The main food items for the Burchell's Starling are insects and fruit. It is most often seen on the ground.

Pairs bond for life. They nest in holes in trees.

The Burchells Starling is often seen singly but it can be seen in flocks as well.

This Burchell's Starling has just caught a frog

Photo © Steven Herbert

Above - Burchell's Starlings are a common sight in Kruger National Park, although they aren't as common as the Cape Glossy Starling and Greater Blue-eared Starling. This one has just caught a frog in a river bed.



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