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Wattled Starling

Afrikaans name: Lelspreeu

Wattled Starling

Wattled Starling

Photo © Steven Herbert

Creatophora cinerea

The Wattled Starling is found over most of South Africa. It can be abundant in an area at times and absent at other times.

As far as Starlings go these are quite small. They are around 21 cm in length and weigh about 70 grams.

During the breeding season the male is quite spectacular with his yellow and black head with black wattles. Outside of the breeding season the male has a predomiantly white head with smaller wattles. The back of the female is brownish and she has white underparts.

The Wattled Starling is normally found in flocks and hundreds of them come together at night to roost communally.

These Starlings eat insects, worms, nectar and some fruit.

They may breed at any time during the year. Wattled Starling make untidy nests in bushes or trees and their would typically be nests from a couple of pairs. They lay between 2 and 5 eggs.



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