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Marico Sunbird

Afrikaans name: Maricosuikerbekkie

Marico Sunbird

Above - Male Marico Sunbird

Photo © Steven Herbert

Cinnyris mariquensis

The Marico Sunbird is an attractive bird that is found in the northern and north-eastern parts of South Africa. Beyond our borders they are found all the way up to Ethiopia.

The male is really attractive and is slightly bigger than the female. She is brownish on the back, has yellowish underparts and is heavily streaked on the underside of the throat.

The Marico Sunbird is fairly common in its preferred habitat which is riverine forest and acacia savanna. It is sometimes found in gardens as well.

Its favourite food is nectar but it also eats spiders and certain insects.

The Marico Sunbird breeds during summer. The female builds the nest which is normally located on a thin branch. She lays 2, or sometimes 3 eggs, and she incubates them for nearly 2 weeks. Both parents feed the chicks.



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