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Spectacled Weaver

Afrikaans name: Brilwewer

Male Spectacled Weaver

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ploceus ocularis

The Spectacled Weaver is an attractive weaver that is normally seen in pairs. It has a melodic whistle for its call.

Both sexes have the black line through the eye which account for its common name but only the male has the black bib on the throat.

The Spectacled Weaver is widely distributed in Africa south of Ethiopia. In South Africa it is found in the eastern regions of the country.

This weaver eats a wide variety of foods including insects, spiders, fruit, nectar and seed.

The nest of the Spectacled Weaver is interesting. It is a typical weaver-like enclosed structure but it has a long entrance tunnel hanging down. Up to 4 eggs are laid.



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